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MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD is one of the most perspective, fast-growing companies in the field of microcredit and cryptocurrency trading, offering opportunities for obtaining short-term loans for individuals, as well as opening up unique conditions for earnings by private investors.

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  • High passive income
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The income structure of MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD consists of 40% of investments in microfinance of individuals, small and medium businesses, 50% of investments in cryptocurrency and 10% of other income in the financial markets. Such a strategy for organizing business processes allows us to serve both short-term and long-term deposits of our clients, while always guaranteed to pay profits to our investors in a timely manner!
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Even with minimal investment, thanks to diversification, each of our investors receive a guaranteed income!
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MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD was founded in 2012 as a microfinance organization and conducted its activities exclusively in the markets of Western Europe, Canada and Africa. The company's own funds were enough to serve more than 100,000 customers annually, but due to the unstable global economic situation, our company's financial experts decided to enter new markets in order to maximize the company's profits. Today, MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD serves clients' loans for more than $ 3 billion dollars and is not going to stop there!

In addition, due to the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market, in 2016 we decided to enter the market of digital currencies. For a fairly short period of time, we were able to redistribute our capital in the most optimal ratio between the two most promising areas of earnings: microcredit and operating on the cryptocurrency market, which made it possible to increase the working capital of MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD 3 times!

In connection with this fact, in 2018, the management of the company decided to open a new investment activity of the organization in order to reach as many potential borrowers around the world as possible!

We have developed a special full-fledged investment platform, where absolutely anyone can get financing anywhere in the world, or issue loans to other users of the platform on favorable terms!

Clients of MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD can invest in issuing microloans to individuals, small and medium businesses, or invest in trading the most promising cryptocurrency at the moment, while receiving a huge yield of up to 500% per annum!

At the same time, the company's activity is absolutely legal!

Personal technical support
Our technical department specialists are available 24 hours 7 days a week, we guarantee an individual approach to each of our clients!
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Thanks to the most up-to-date protection methods, your data will never be available to third parties, in addition, we use a unique system of protection against DDos attacks and use the most up-to-date transaction encryption methods!
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A variety of tariff plans will allow you to get high profits in 24 hours! Simply register on our website, select the appropriate tariff plan and start receiving dividends without leaving your home!
The possibility of earning without investment
Thanks to the unique bonus and affiliate programs, you can earn income with absolutely no investment, and the amount of bonus rewards depends only on your activity without any restrictions!
About company

MICROFINANCECRYPT Company LTD is a unique platform offering its customers the opportunity to earn money in two of the most promising areas at the moment: cryptocurrency and microcredit. The company attracts funds from private investors from all over the world and guarantees stable profitability for absolutely every partner of the company.

More about the company

MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD has all the title documents, certificates and licenses, and is officially registered in the UK.

Company number: 11643735

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