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As it was mentioned earlier, the income structure of MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD consists of 40% of investments in microfinance of individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, 50% of investments in cryptocurrency and 10% of other income in financial markets. Such a strategy of business organizing processes allows us to serve both short-term and long-term deposits of our clients, while always guaranteed to pay profits to our investors in a timely manner!
Below there is a brief information about all the activities of our company with a detailed explanation of the most profitable of them!
Lending to small and medium businesses
  • As many know, from the point of view of financial stability, the most vulnerable are precisely small and medium businesses. Small companies are reluctant to give large banks loans, and you need large sums for the development of medium-sized businesses.
  • Due to the great experience of our company's financial specialists, as well as through the use of unique mathematical and financial models, we accurately estimate all the potential risks of our “debtors”, thereby making a guaranteed profit from this type of borrowers
  • Lending to individuals
  • Millions of people around the world need short-term financial assistance, but in order for a person to take a bank loan, one must face many difficulties on this path.
  • The MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD company can issue loans to individuals on mutually beneficial conditions, thanks to which absolutely every one of you will be able to fulfill your dream, without overpaying large amounts to banks.
  • Brokerage activity
  • Our company is officially registered as a broker on the London Stock Exchange, we provide all types of brokerage services to our clients.
    • Buying and selling of securities
    • Buying and selling of derivatives
    • Buying and selling of currency
    • Other brokerage services
  • Agency business
  • MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD has concluded contracts with a number of companies and acts as a certain intermediary in the following issues:
    • Consulting activities
    • Legal advice
    • Audit
    • Advice on the acquisition of mining capacity
    • Setting mining farms
  • Legal services in the field of microcredit
  • The micro crediting area puts a number of unscrupulous clients in a difficult financial situation very often. A number of issues in this regard are often solved in court. the specialists of the MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD company provide the following legal services:
    • Consultation of individuals
    • Consultation of legal entities
    • Judicial support
  • Operations with cryptocurrency derivatives
  • As compared with the cryptocurrency markets, the financial markets for cryptocurrency derivatives are more stable and predictable, so this line of activity allows our company to offset all operating expenses and create a so-called “safety cushion” to ensure the financial stability of the company even during periods of decline in other markets.
  • More information on all the fields of activity of the MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD company, you can get from online consultants who are happy to answer all your questions!
  • Investments in cryptocurrency
  • Due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, as well as due to the “round-the-clock” operation of cryptocurrency exchanges, our company always has the opportunity to increase its capital in this promising market.
  • Using the latest technologies, we can easily get impressive profits in cryptocurrency markets and pay decent dividends to our customers!
  • Investment in cryptocurrency mining
  • The investments in mining cryptocurrency are more stable than any other type of investment, since this direction is guaranteed to make a profit due to a competent investment in mining capacity. MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD uses this line of earnings solely to create a reserve of assets in case of unforeseen situations. It allows us to pay interest payments to our investors, regardless of the market situation!
  • Debt redemption is beneficial both for the lender - our client, and for ourselves. The lender receives live cash and removes all headaches associated with the recovery of debt. We, in turn, have the opportunity to earn significantly more than with the agency scheme of work with debt.

    The entire process of debt redemption by MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD takes up to two days, and in particularly difficult cases - up to three days. This rate of debt redemption is achieved through the use of a well-developed and well-established mechanism for assessing debts used by our analysts and lawyers.

    Please note that we do not buy all the debts. Of course, secured debts are the most interesting for us, that is, debts issued to secure the debtor’s property — real estate, cars, equipment, etc. Among unsecured debts, we are interested in buying debts of large enterprises, factories, retail chains and construction companies.

    The scheme of this procedure is quite simple and similar to the one on which the sale of problem loans to collection agencies goes. The only nuance that must be taken into account is that the client himself cannot carry out the repayment of credit debts. Therefore, he will have to involve third parties who agree to sign the cession agreement with the banking institution. Due to this, the borrower will be able to do without all sorts of penalties, fines and commissions. In fact, the procedure for repurchasing debt from the bank is extremely simple. The only stumbling block could be the search for a third person. In this situation, the debtor will have to choose from two possible options, the first of which will be an appeal to a qualified lawyer, the second - a trip to the anti-collectors. And in fact, and in another case, you will have to pay for the services, but still it will be much cheaper than paying off the debt, with all the interest and penalties that have accumulated.

    If the bank representatives themselves offer to carry out the repayment of debts, then one of the borrower's friends or acquaintances can act as a front man. In such a situation, the paperwork will be handled by our organization.

    • The policyholder receives funds on the same day, without waiting for a court decision;
    • There is no need to bear the costs of organizing the insurance payments collection;
    • Saving time, effort and nerves in litigation;
    • There is no risk of additional costs in case of loss of a dispute with an insurance company in court.

    MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD is also engaged in the leasing debts purchasing.

    We buy leasing directly from legal entities and from banks.

    What are the advantages of buying out leasing?
    • High potential profitability
    • Low cost of high-value assets.
    • High liquidity of leasing objects