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The CEO of MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD is Eli Peterson, who also holds a controlling stake in the company. We do not hide the people at the head of our company. We are open to you as possible. More detailed information on the persons having direct or indirect influence on the decisions made by the governing bodies of the organization is below.
Eli Peterson

Eli graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics (bachelor degree) and the Swedish Military Institute of Foreign Languages. Since 1990 he has been living in London, United Kingdom, and has mastered the skills of risk-free trading in stock markets.

In 1990-1995 he led the UK office of Axel MILLER, and then COAN Corp. In 2000, he served as Managing Director of the Jersey Fund with a capital of 300 billion dollars. Since 2000, he is a co-founder and managing partner of MFC Capital.

In 2012 he became one of the founders of the company MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD

Jonathan Carey

Jonathan received an MBA from the American School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona, and a bachelor's degree in communications from the University of California at Fullerton. Member of the World Scout Foundation and the Scientific Society Explorers Village.

He conceived his first technology startup, while still studying at the magistracy. The idea grew into a company listed on the NASDAQ.

In 2012 he became one of the founders of the MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD company

Bruce Stopipi
Head of Analytical Department

Bruce plays an important role in the strategic development of the company MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD For more than 6 years. In 2012, he became the head of the analytical department of MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD responsible for the promotion and implementation of MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD products in Western Europe. Under the leadership of Stopipi, the company ensured record high sales of MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD products and entered into partnerships with leading European vendors.

Helen Tang
Head of Investment Department

Helen has been working in the financial industry since 1997. As the head of the investment department of MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD, Ms. Tang is responsible for managing of the investment platform development Microfinancecrypt Compreno since 2014.

She is one of the founders of the MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD company

Julianna Whipple

Since December 2012, Julianna has been holding the position of Technical Director of MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD.

He graduated with honors from the University of Oxford. She has exceptional skills in the field of econometrics, accounting, corporate finance.

Julianna is responsible for the technical and technological parts of the company. She also responsible for the technology, software and hardware choose and usage.

She is one of the founders of the MICROFINANCECRYPT LTD company